Ethnic Knot: A new Designer Label from the Creative City

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Happiness, gathering, excitement, food, fun, music and celebration, Indian wedding is no less than a festive season. From a bride to a bridesmaid, a wedding is incomplete without a perfect dress. So ladies ‘Ethnic Knot’ is the new name for all your bridal and Indian wedding designer needs.
Ethnic Knot, Kolkata based couture designer label for women is being launched in the Capital. Combining the marketing prowess of Anil Sonthalia with the creative young talent of Designer Jyoti Sharma, Ethnic Knot, as the name rings familial feelings, is about a collection of ensembles that is as pristine as it is euphoric.
Weddings, as rightfully said, are made in heaven, but how to make each wedding more momentous than the other is probably the niche of Ethnic Knot. The endeavour has been to address specific needs of the “Bride” and then create a custom-tailored solution that keeps most jaws hanging in absolute delight. What makes Ethnic Knot stand apart is their exotic designs partnered by sartorial excellence that leaves beholders simply awestruck”, says Jyoti.

“We have mastered the art of Zardosi embellishments that are completely authentic and incomparable, as you will not find these patterns anywhere else. They are all patented designs that can come out of our studios only. We do invest in the best possible skilled force who take hundreds of hours to create these zardosi master class’, adds Anil.

“For the fall wedding season, we have designed a plethora of bridal ensembles to choose from. Right from subdued subtlety seeking brides who wish for minimalist embroidery on contemporary, trendy colors incorporating 'Usali', 'Mukesh' & ‘Zardosi’.  A myriad dyeing techniques to the more authentic and classical bride we bring forth the Heirloom Collection.  These are profusely embellished pieces of art which takes more than 75 days to conjure up, by master craftsmen. These stand out in a crowd and makes your special day ever so special”, adds Jyoti.

“Embellished with ornamentation and woven with the warmth of exquisite craftsmanship, Ethnic Knot will not only be like a lilting tune in your mind but will enchant you with fond memories of the wedding for years to come”, adds Anil.

Needless to say, that Ethnic Knot is the name to add a little magic which takes each wedding a notch above, creating benchmarks which are the dreams of the best and the brightest of designers. 

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So ladies its time to enrich your dream wedding dress experience with Ethnic Knot. Share your thoughts and comments with us. Till the next new post, have a wonderful time.


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