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Monday, December 21, 2015

“People will travel anywhere for good food- It’s crazy.”
This is what comes on my mind when I remember my last trip to Shimla. Shimla, the capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills. Once the summer capital of British India. Which is now quite a popular weekend gateway in north India.

Around a month back to get rid of my monotonous office and day to day life, I spent two splendid days in this town by enjoying heritage walk through Victorian-era architecture, seeing beautiful woods, serene church and temples, labyrinthine bazaars and lengthy pedestrian shopping mall. And yes of course without a food adventure my trip is incomplete.
So here is my best food experience of Shimla. 

After a long walk, amidst the busy mall road I found a little stairway to a cozy place, ‘Hide Out Café’. It was a beautiful, homely and warm place with hardly 6-7 tables. And it’s simple and creative interior caught my attention at once.

I started my order from a hot and soothing bowl of ‘Hot & sore’ soup and I was looking for this desperately in cold weather of Shimla. Hot, tasteful and balanced sore in taste, it was exactly matched to my expectations.

I tried their both verity of pastas, cream and arrabiata sauce, and trust me the taste and the presentation both were saying that ‘the dish is coming from experienced hands’. Ample amount of veggies, which I rarely find in other’s pasta, fresh ingredients and smooth sauce were the reason of that delightful taste.

The next order was café’s specialty itself, ‘Hide Out Non-Veg Continental Platter’. This name raised my expectations again from the chef. And when this platter was in front of me, it was looking so mouthwatering. Lovely white sauce cooked, juicy and full of flavors chicken was served over a bed of rice with a good portion of sauté veggies and garlic bread slices. I was amazed to see the quantity of everything in this platter, so satisfactory for a single meal. Tender chicken and veggies with crispy garlic bread and rice was wholly a good combo in itself.

From the menu of beverages, ‘Virgin Mary’ was my pick. Which was nonalcoholic, good in taste and beautifully represented.

Although I was so full this moment, but I have a sweet tooth, so I couldn’t resist myself without trying their delicious ‘Pineapple Upside down’.

Meet the chefs and humble owners of this beautiful café. Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pawan. Just one year before on 19th of December, 2014 this café was started. Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pawan have been associated with India’s leading name in hospitality, that experience and perfection is clearly visible in their every gesture.

So for the next time if you are in Shimla and you are looking for good food and warm hospitality in very reasonable prices, then ‘Hide Out Café’ is the destination.
Hope you would enjoy reading this post. Share your travel and food experiences, I would love to see them here.


Address: 1st Floor, 30 The Mall Road, Shimla
PC: Hide Out Cafe

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