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Monday, March 21, 2016

Food is incomplete without good music and pleasing ambience. Yes these are few things which comes on my mind when I think about a nice hangout place. #nofilter is the new stamping ground in the town for a casual electric café and lounge. 
Passionate entrepreneurs namely Kartik Tiwari, Ishaan Kapoor, Rahul Arora and Lakshay Mehra are here with new pilgrimage to SDA market, south Delhi, keeping in mind a unique and hybrid combination of bar and café, which is just perfect from a breakfast to an evening party.
#nofilter as the name itself sounds uncommon, the same thing you can feel for its quirky and minimalistic designed indoors ambience. I visited this place on Friday afternoon, and the roof top sitting was quite comfortable and amiable even in day time and the heady mix of drinks and music was like cherry on the top. 

Not just a beautiful place and ambience to satisfy your taste buds, this place serves a variety of global cuisines on the menu along with Brazilian coffee which is 100 percent Arabica. The menu also lists wood fire pizzas, BBQ grills, bakery products and the most adored #nofilter fusion food. 
Calorie conscious people have also tasteful and healthy options in the menu like Greek Salad and Beetroot Kebabs. Soft, tender and full flavors these beetroot kebabs were absolutely mouthwatering.

#nofilter Tenders are another option from the menu for quick bites. Cottage Cheese tenders slightly spiced and served with Hawaiian mint mayo and fries, the same serving was there with Chicken Supremes wrapped with bacon. This was an ultimate option to go with drinks. 

As this whole place was a fusion of café and bar, the same is also reflected in their menu as well. Wasabi Sushi Sandwich veg and non-veg comes with a perfection like Sushi. Cottage cheese and chicken nicely rolled in bread, baked and beautifully served. 

Burgers are not just burgers here. #nofilter fusion burger was just beyond the expectations, it was huge and yummy in taste and looks both. Minced lamb & chicken, both was combined together into a burger patty. This patty was huge, juicy and topped with melted cheese and veggies.

And here is the food fusion at its best. Butter Chicken Pasta. Is any description required for this? A pasta in butter chicken curry to tickle your Indian taste buds. I am a big pasta lover and when it comes with such surprise, it is unbeatable. 

Drinks and shots will also surprise you here with their out of the box representation. A green colored beer with hint of lemony twist was just amazing.  

The notion of this exclusive hotspot is to create a hybrid between a café and a bar. A place which combines that every factor food, drinks, music and sheesha as well to create a perfect a joint to hangout. Atmosphere that is minimalist and earthy so that people feel like home, which is just perfect to visit any time of the day, either for a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great deals, ladies night and happy hours, yes you just can’t ignore the perks of this amazing place.

Address: C-18, Commercial Complex, SDA, New Delhi

Picture courtesy: #nofilter café and lounge

Disclaimer: Pictures of the dishes are sample portions.  

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