Fabindia's 'Acne Control Cream Clove' Review

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Acne. An evil which can stress you overnight no matter in which age you are. Other than hormones your diet, stress levels and your skin care habits might also be the reason for same. Sometimes these breakouts are controllable with medication and application of anti-acne creams. 
My recent travel and excessive exposure to hot and humid climate brought this problem to me. Most of the time I go for home remedies of cinnamon, tea tree and clove oil etc., but this time I tried an acne control product from Fab India. So here I am sharing my views on this product.

Packaging and Ingredients: 

This product comes into a bottle, which is slightly disappointing for me. Usually I prefer such product in a tube packaging, for easy and hygienic application and which also minimize chances of product contamination. Although this bottle is small, handy and easy for bag.
When it comes to ingredients so for me it is kind of perfect blend of anti-bacteria or fungi medication with some of natural ingredients like tea tree, clove and sunflower oils. Also in some cases this is not an ideal product for large and deep breakouts, as it may cause some irritations. 

About the Product: 

With some medicated formulation this is a nice product for acne control. Even you can see overnight effect on control but for in terms of acne removal and spot reduction it is not that rapid. Over a week even you’ll feel slight changes in spot reduction. As this product itself says it is an ‘Acne Control Cream’ so it is fair enough in that property.
Because of its smooth and creamy texture it glides on skin easily. Its directions for use says to apply this cream on affected areas, so its transparent and gel type texture is favorable for day time application as well. I used this one for almost 3 weeks and found it effective in controlling new acne and breakouts. For scar removal it is a bit slow. 


Rs 150/- for 50ml.

Why to love this:

-Medicated and natural ingredient combination.
-Pocket friendly.
-Easy to bag it.
-Easy for day application because of its gel type texture.
-For a combination skin it is a nice pick.
-No Animal Testing. :)

Why to think again:

-Irritating or burning sensation for large break outs.
-Strong clove and tea tree oil fragrance might be unpleasant for few.
-Slightly drying for dry skin.
-A little slow in showing results.

My Final Count:


Well I would never want you to be in an acne control need, but if you are looking for such acne/pimple control product then you can rely on this Fab India’s ‘Acne Control Cream - clove’. 


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