Wednesday, January 06, 2016

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There are various factors which adversely affect the glow of our skin. The aging, sun rays, pollution, dust and various other environmental factors have on adverse effect on the skin. To counter these ailing effects, it is necessary to provide pampering and care to our skin.

The main focus of these services is to provide proper care to your skin. These services help in providing glowing skin. Moreover, these are also used to provide rejuvenation. The most popular service that comes under this category is body massage. In this, the workout is carried out on the body. In this, fingers, elbows and hands are used to provide rejuvenation and relaxation. This serves two purposes. First of all, it helps in removing the dead cells of the skin. In this, the mineral oil is used in order to revitalize the skin. It removes the dead cells and also help in providing nourishment to the skin. 

Another advantage associated with this is that also counter stress. As essential oils are widely used, these help in providing complete relaxation from everyday worries. Another service associated in this is body polishing. This is somewhat different from the body massage. In this, the rubbing and scrubbing of the body with the help of the minerals and vitamins products is provided. It helps in removing the dead cells from the dermis. It also helps in improving the texture of the skin. This helps in providing fair body. 
Chocolate and various other things are also used to provide full nourishment to the body. The pedicure and manicure are other services that are offered in the body spa salon. 

In this, proper cure to the hands and legs is provided with the help of the various beauty care products. These services help in removing the fungi as well as bacterial growth. It is always recommended to avail these services once in the fortnight. This not only improves the condition of the skin but also helps in providing complete nourishment. In addition to this, these services counter the effects of the sun rays, pollution and various other things in order to provide full glow to the body.

Penetrates deep into skin sell to loosen and release oil, dirt and cellular.

debris for cleaner and healthier skin.

Encourages cell regeneration and firms your skin.

Increases hydration and moisture.

Reduces pore size.

Works deep within your skin cells. Pain free, gentle and completely non-invasive. Gently treats sensitive skin.

Removes oxidized waste material from skin.

Improves your blood circulation and skin elasticity.

Reduces puffiness and soothes inflammation.

Improves acne and scaring condition on the skin and speeds up wounds

healing time.

You can avail spas and other beauty services at Khoobsurat Salon Spa Academy, owned by Pooja Goel, an awardee make up artist. 

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