Harbalife's 7 Days Challenge Claim

Monday, January 18, 2016

Harbalife is a well-known name for health and nutritional supplements in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and across the world (except USA & Canada). With 3 easy steps Healthy Diet, Nutritional Supplements, and Skin Nutrition, Harbalife provides an easy formula for a complete nutrition. Recently Harbalife launched their skin care product range in India, with a claim of fastest results within7 days*.

This whole skin care program comes into three different categories. Basic, Advance and Ultimate Program. There categories are designed according to the different skin nutrition needs. With maximum repairing strength and nutrition, Ultimate Program is consist of following products:
  • Soothing Aloe Cleanser or Polishing Citrus Cleanser Energizing Herbal Toner
  • Daily Glow Moisturizer
  • Replenishing Night Cream
  • Line Minimizing Serum
  • Firming Eye Gel
  • Hydrating Eye Cream
  • Purifying Mint Clay Mask
  • Instant Reveal Berry Scrub

Age is not the not the only thing that causes wrinkles under the eyes. Sun damage, squinting, smiling, smoking, acne, muscle movement, surgery, and injuries also cause facial wrinkles. Direct exposure to radiation and long working hours in front of computer and laptops instantly affects under eye area.

Few days back I came to know about this 7 challenge and I was instantly ready to take this challenge.
From Tomorrow onward I am going to start Harbalife’s daily skin care regime with addition care of healthy diet and lifestyle. Let’s see how effective results are going to be.

Till the next post of Harbalife 7 Days Challenge.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.


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