Being stylish in Summer !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hot winds. Sunny weather. Sweats and tans (*Sigh*). Whatever summer brings, your style and eagerness for fashion should never get fade. Summer is a season to flaunt your skin in a fashionable and careful way. Obviously we love sunny kisses but not tan.
So people for a trendy welcome of this summer you don’t need to stress you pocket a lot. Small add on to your wardrobe will be enough to pop you up in the crowd. Let’s start the list.

Strips: Like a Jail Bird

Boys and Gals !! Here I am starting with my biggest obsession. Yeah ! Those are strips.

Horizontal or vertical, mono chrome or colors, narrow or broad these lines are one of the super cool trend for this season. Pair it with some solid colors or denims and Yess !!! Even with polka dots too. Break the fashion rule. and get a quick trendy look.

Flatforms and Block Heels : Wearability and Ease

No more aches and stress to your feet. Get Set Ready with ease and style in this summer. 
Apart from your regular footwear add some Flatforms, Block Heels, Studded Sandals in your collection. Say yes to these. Pair your favorite long skirts, Midi dress, denims and here you are in perfect chic look for everyday's runway. 

Head Bands and Turbans: Wrap it up

Right accessories can change the game. Agree??!!
Yes ladies time to come out of your fashion comfort zone.

Have you ever imagined yourself with a head wrap and turban ? No ???!! Then this is the season to add some insane sophistication in your look. Try out your plain boring scarfs and bands in a new way for a fresh finish.

So Ladies ! These are my few favorite picks of this season. Enough to spice up the whole look with a pinch. Try these out and and share your thoughts. :)

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