Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash Review

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hello Beautiful Ladies !!

Here I am landing with my very first post of Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash Review. 
So Ladies from the wide range of face washes and facial cleansers available in the market this is my second buy of the same product.. And I love it. People, who are looking for a face wash with some exfoliating effect, must try this one. Let’s review it.

Packaging and Ingredients:

This comes into a transparent squeeze tube, easy handling and fit for traveling. Biotique strongly promises about their product formation of the traditional Indian medicines with Swiss biotechnology, so 100% botanical extracts and ingredients are used in it.

About the Product:

As its name says ‘Exfoliating face wash’ you can feel that in its texture too. It is a gel base foaming cleanser with Papaya and herbal extracts like, Neem, Wallnut shell powder ground nut oils etc. Which helps in exfoliation of dead skin and cleansing. I totally loved its texture, As in just first few washes you can feel its exfoliating effect.

Rs 90/- for 100ml.

Why to love this:
-Ayurvedic Recipe/Herbal and safe product.
-For sensitive skin it is perfect.
-Organically Pure and Preservative free.
-Easily available at stores and online.
-Pocket friendly.
-No Animal Testing. :)

Why to think again:
-Didn’t find any strong reason but might be slightly drying for a dry skin.

My Final Count:

Give it a try ladies. In any way this is a safe try. And remember Papaya Ingredients will always leave your skin shiny and happy.  

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